Help me to be like you

“I gave my back to those who struck Me, and My cheeks to those who plucked out the beard; I did not hide my face from shame and spitting.”  Isaiah 50:6

Christ did not turn away from people even when they persecuted him but presented himself to them in spite of their torment and hate.  Jesus loved them to the end despite the shame they tried to bring upon him.

The reason Jesus was able to do this was because he had taken the time to know God and learn from Him.  He had assurance that his death and resurrection on the cross was something he was meant to do — it would restore man’s position back to his rightful place with his father in heaven.

Jesus spent time alone each day with God — and it was from those times that he knew God would help him and had prepared him to suffer torment and rejection by the people.

Jesus was abandoned by those that were closest to him when they saw that, by their association with him, they too would be subject to torment and persecution.

I must not be swayed by outward appearances and the climate of people’s attitudes (swinging from love to hate) but must rely on my relationship with God and daily learning from his Holy Spirit who strengthens my foundation and resolve.   Through these, I can withstand all the the world will throw at me.

Jesus, I pray that you will help me withstand the enemy when he comes with tormenting words of abandonment and rejection.  You experienced all of those things when you gave up your life for me. 

Help me to be like you — to still love in spite of persecution and to see that my peace and joy and satisfaction are not derived from people’s reaction to me but that they come from time spent with you.

The character of Jesus withstood abandonment and rejection.  His focus was on his father and on love.

I pray that my every thought and action be directed by you.  Thank you for helping me to withstand the enemy and for contending with him on my behalf.  I know that you will help me in every circumstance and help me to love others with your love.


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