Broken betrothal

“The word of the Lord came to me:  Go and proclaim in the hearing of Jerusalem.  “I remember the devotion of your youth, how as a bride you loved me and followed me through the desert, through a land not sown.”  Jeremiah 2:2

Jeremiah is reminding Jerusalem of her former love and dependence on God when He brought them out of Egypt — before she returned to the world, other gods and turned away from Him.

Do I hold onto the heritage of my salvation yet turn to other gods and the world for satisfaction and comfort? 

In our betrothal we become complete in God. 

Remember the day of your salvation, when you gave your heart to Me?  In return, you received freedom and deliverance and a life of care and love.  I will cover you all your days — with My grace, healing and protection. 

Remember the sweet rush of excitement and passion you found in your new love with me?  Joy unspeakable and unexplainable accompanied us.  As you gave yourself to me, your life changed.  You lost the desire for things not of me.  Your whole being — your mind, will and emotions thought only of me.  You prepared yourself for me, your bridegroom, wanting to bring only the best and most pure into our relationship.

But as the newness of our relationship settled into daily life you left me for things easily gotten and seen.  You sought comfort and security in the offerings of the world.  You committed adultry by tolerating and entertaining other gods, saying “God is the Creator of all these gods so I can worship them too.”  Your heart grew cold and you left me, opening yourself to be used by the world.

Yet, you also continued to proclaim your relationship and heritage in me, as if I were some security trump card you could pull outof your back pocket.  I hate that, says the Lord!  It is insulting!

You have taken my great love and relegated it to a small place in your life — a position that you say you have when it benefits you.  When it doesn’t, you file me back into hiding, embarrassed by me because my demand for holiness and purity doesn’t fit into your desire to please the world and enjoy its decadence.

Oh, how long I tolerated this, entreating you to return, blessing you, forgiving you.  My heart is broken, for you have kept me on the outside of your life looking in.

I can’t abide by the impurities and your filthiness any longer.  I will remove my covering from you.  Seek the world for its protection. It will give none but only consume you.

I remember the days of our betrothal and long for them again.

Dear Jesus, I know this experience for I have lived it.  I betrothed myself to you then left you for the things of the world. 

But when I crashed and burned you were there for me, returning to me with the full force of your love.  I love you.  I need you.  I need you, Holy Spirit, to keep me centered on Jesus and to protect me and warn me against the wiles of the enemy.  I count on you for wisdom.  I depend on you for peace.  Let your light shine through me, illuminating the beauty of our relationship to others and all the sweet possibilities of a life with you — available to everyone who wants it.


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