He will do what he intends


Pammakule, Turkey

But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations. Psalm 33:11

Regardless of what I do, no matter how much I interfere with God’s plans — they stand forever.  He will do what he intends.

I have seen that in my own life when I have deviated off course only to be brought back to my original position of leaving.  I am so thankful for his restoration of things I had deliberately let fall by the wayside.

What are God’s plans and purposes that extend through the generations?  That we return to him, with recreated hearts making us like him.  That we are restored to our original position in the garden where we fellowshipped with him without separation.

While here on earth, God wants us to return to him fully and love him — in turn, we find ourseleves the recipients of his grace, mercy, healing, peace, joy and righteousness.

Lord, I pray that I would not interfere with your plans but that I would fully look to you for direction in all that I do.  I pray that I would not stray from the course you’ve set before me.

Keep me on your path; keep complacency and compromise away from me.  Let me not fall into into these traps meant to impede your purposes.

Let me love others and let me see the futility of their lives as you see it and give me the courage and persistence to engage in their lives and be used by you.

My love for you must have an outlet because it is your love to be poured out on others — in my family, workplace, neighborhood, city and throughout the world.

Let my plans be your plans and let my love be defined by you and poured out into those in whom you purpose.


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