God’s word must be our nutrition

Turkish breakfast

Breakfast, Cappadocia, Turkey

But you, son of man, hear what I say to you. Do not be rebellious like that rebellious house; open your mouth and eat what I give you.  Ezekiel 2:8

Ezekiel is sent to a rebellious nation, Israel, who has rebelled and turned from serving God.

The Holy Spirit was with Ezekiel and counseled him to not be afraid but to eat what He gave him — a scroll of a book.

God’s word must be our nutrition.  It must be what we feed on to be prepared for God’s purposes in our lives.  It provides nourishment and strengthens us for what lay ahead.  It is meat and substance.

Consume My word and be strong in Me.

Do not be insecure and worried about having people in your life and worried about what they think about you.  Be the one I have called you to be.  Be the one to point the finger at wrongness in a loving way.

Allow the Holy Spirit to use you.  Don’t let rebukes be your own but let correction come from Me, My mouth.

Eat My word, consume it as nourishment for you need it to sustain your life.

My prayer, O Lord, is that I would not be caught up in what people think of me.  I pray that You make me soft and resilient at the same time.

I pray that I would consume You and be consumed by You.

Let my thoughts, heart and actions be dictated by what I feed upon.

Each word feels like a gift, a beautiful jewel.  So valuable and precious.  Each word is a gift of Yourself, an unveiling of the mystery of You.

Every reading reveals a different meaning.  Understanding comes based on motives of the heart.

Your word is multi-faceted, it is a mystery — yet it all points to the vastness of You and Your pointed, directed love for me.

Fill me with the beauty of Your love and the mystery of Your word.  Consume me as I consume You.


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