Our word must match His Word

Ephesus carving, Turkey

“Her leaders judge for a bribe, her priests teach for a price and her prophets tell fortunes for money. Yet they lean upon the Lord and say, “Is not the Lord among us? No disaster shall come upon us.” Malachi 3:11

In these verses, the leaders of the people made decisions that were based on bribery, priests taught what they were paid to teach (not acting on God’s behalf) and the prophets proclaimed falseness and lies that led people astray.  All of them thought they had a right relationship with the Lord — despite the obvious oppression of their own people.

All of us, in some capacity, are leaders and teachers.

As Christ followers, there are those in our lives who are influenced by what we do and say.  For that reason, our words and doings must match God’s heart.  Our desires and wants must be His.

Anything we say to others that comes from our own imaginings is not of Him.  Our word must match His Word.

What is driving our motives?  Are we measuring all that we do by Jesus’ standards of living — to bring glory to God?  Or, are we trying to grab glory and recognition for ourselves?

The only motivation that drives a believer’s word and action should be the Word of God — which brings salvation, restoration and reconciliation into his life and into the lives of those around him.

God loves us all as His sons and daughters and woe to anyone who deliberately leads one of His children astray for their own benefit.  They will be a ruined heap.


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