Judgement destroys

Backyard Crow

Backyard Crow

“Do not judge or you too will be judged”  Matthew 7:1

Judgement stems from insecurity, pride, jealousy, envy, strife, hostility, hopelessness, lack of trust.  Self is the operative word and the root of judgement.

Self is the idol that wants to reign supreme.  To be satisfied, self must constantly be fed for it is continually in fear because it’s identity is based in something broken and unstable – itself.

Judgement places oneself on the throne of one’s heart measuring all against “this is who I am,” “this is how I do it,” or “this is what I think.”  Judgement has its roots in my ego.

Judgement sets the bar for others based on one’s self.

Slowly, judgement destructs the one who judges binding their hearts in criticalness, bitterness, anger, destruction, depression and sadness.

Jesus, filled with love and compassion sees all — He sees behind the deed to the root of the judgement.  He sees every nuance and every action which led to the judging — and He wants to heal and restore the judger back to his original plan.

Jesus shows mercy and grace for our failings.  His interest is in the restoration of our hearts.

We fall under His judgement through the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the natural consequences of our judgement is our tangible correction.

My identity must be in Him so that my thoughts and action are a reflection of His.

My identity must be in Him so that I don’t worship myself.

My identity must be in Him so that my own heart can be healed.

I am called to fulfill His commandments to love Him with all who I am — and as an outcome of that great reciprocated love — be the conduit of His love for others.

That means not judging.

As I have become of aware of this, the Holy Spirit reminds me when I am judging and where the root of that judgement comes from – insecurity, envy, anger, jealousy.  My heart is convicted…but at least I know now to combat and stop the thoughts and words that may have been acted upon in the past — through Jesus and His words.

Jesus, I pray that You help me rid my soul and mind of all these hateful thoughts and judgements.  Help me to see the positive in others instead of instantly pointing out the negatives.

Help me to be loving towards all — extending Your grace to them.

Let my heart be sincere in my actions.

Help me to continually realize that my identity is in You.

Help me to be continually vigilant of my unpleasant attitudes, recognizing them and immediately repenting of judgmental thoughts and words.

Thank You, Jesus, for loving me in the midst of my failings.  Help me to love others as You do.


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