You alone are to be feared

Medicine Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Medicine Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

“You alone are to be feared.  Who can stand before you when you are angry.”
Psalm 76:7

Let my heart be humble.  Let it be filled with your love and compassion for others.

Let pride, arrogance and independence from You be banished from my heart. Let me not be so influenced by man that I cease from hearing you.

Let me be an outlet of your unfailing love.

Strike fear of man from my heart.  Replace my insecurity with your security.  Establish my identity in you.

Keep my heart soft and compassionate.

Be my wisdom — through your word direct my thought and path.

Be my joy.  Let me see the work of your glory in every area of my life and with it, bring the rush of excitement and love that comes from the joy of fellowship and intimacy with you.

Guard my heart from the deception and scheming ways of the enemy.

Let me stand in the firm foundation of your word and be willing to fight for you.

Let my life and doings be laced with courage to do and say the right things even when I am afraid.

Compromise and complacency have no place in your kingdom — let those attitudes have no place in me.

Keep partiality far, far from me.  Let me be available to and love all people.  Let me not consider anyone inferior or superior to me for that brings darkness to my soul.

Let me thoroughly examine my heart.  Holy Spirit, reveal any hateful way that resides in me and help me to banish those things.

Let me acknowledge my weakness and my trust in you — that you are my strength and foundation — you will never, never let me fall.


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