Counselors … today we call them mentors

My dad

My dad

For 40 years Moses lived and worked alongside his father-in-law — before receiving his assignment from God to lead 2 million people out of slavery in Egypt into the freedoms of the promised land.

Moses received his instructions from God for his mission — leading the Israelites across the desert and Red Sea — amidst dangerous enemies, a lack of food and water and and almost always accompanied by the continuing doubt and unbelief of the people he was trying to help.

“The friendship of the LORD is for those who fear him, and he makes known to them his covenant.” Psalm 25:14

His deep and intimate relationship with God was evident as he talked with God, heard God and even argued with God … as he struggled to accept and obey His next steps for his life. Moses seemed in awe of God but unafraid of God.

But God also chose to use others to guide Moses — and Jethro was his man. Jethro was Moses’ trusted counselor.

“Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future.” Proverbs 19:20

Today we call these people our mentors — but it seems it has always been God’s design to have someone help us as we migrate the paths and purposes he has set before us.

Together, we share a love of God — with our shared values and understanding laying the foundation for our relationship.

What should this mentor relationship look like today — in my own reality?

  • Love Mentors love and support us for our benefit — with no concern for their own personal gain or outcome.
  • Remember Mentors remember what’s happening in our lives and know the struggles we face. They remember to pray for us.
  • Respect Mentors have built a position of trusted respect in our lives which allows them to speak into our lives in a way that no one else can.
  • Truth Mentors look objectively at our situation and offer honest counsel based on God’s word — not their own emotions or flawed life experiences.
  • Wisdom Mentors keep us from making decisions based on emotion, guilt or condemnation but point us to Jesus’ word and his ways.
  • Experience Mentors have experience in the path we are walking.
  • Available Mentors make time for us — they honor the responsibility of their role in our lives.

Lord Jesus, thank you for showing me how to live out each day of my life. Thank you for showing me how to love, forgive, show mercy and give grace. Thank you for reminding me not to be self-focused, self-indulgent and self-sufficient. Thank you for helping me to overcome the offenses in my life that have kept me in bondage — preventing me from moving forward on your path. Thank you for transforming my life by your word.

Lord Jesus, thank you for helping me accomplish these things through your wise counsel — through the whispers of the Holy Spirit and through the wise advice from others that you’ve placed in my life as my mentors.

Lord Jesus, help me to be a good mentor — for I know that same way you’ve placed people in my life to help me — you are also using me in this same type of relationship to help others.

I pray that I would take your mission to heart — recognizing my mentorship position and responsbility to the people you have brought into my life who need my love, remembrance, respect, truth, wisdom, experiences and availability.


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